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Sullo Engineering is Sydney’s leading manufacturers of metal bollards and barriers that aid in securing residential and commercial properties. We provide security bollards for homes, shopping centres, parking spaces, industrial complexes, and more to act as an architectural perimeter and visual guide to prevent unwanted access.

Find heavy duty bollards and security barriers for your next project

Sullo Engineering manufactures Security bollards providing safety, secure and impact resistance for the property.
All of our bollards are not only a physical barrier, but act as a visual deterrent.
Steel and stainless steel bollards stop ram-raiding from occurring, ensuring your commercial or industrial property is thoroughly protected. Urban Bollards and Architectural Bollards for public areas are individually designed for modern building requirements.
Architectural bollards are made with a blend of steel and timber with options for lighting to create incredible visual effects for your next project

Shop for top-quality urban and architectural bollards

  • Safety Bollards

    Safety bollards provide significant assistance to the security and traffic management industries. We provide security bollards for homes, stores, shopping centres, parking spaces, industrial complexes.

  • Stainless Steel Bollards

    Suitable for industrial and commercial use stainless steel bollards are a contemporary aesthetic to complement and secure your premises. Our quality designed stainless steel bollards provide exceptional resistance and can be custom powder coated to the client requirements and project installation environment.

  • Urban Bollards

    Architecturally designed with solid timber, featuring  galvanised or stainless steel, create an impressive range of urban bollards in both fixed and base plate models.

  • Security Bollards

    Security Bollards are designed with functionality in mind, these bollards are installed as an effective safety barrier to control vehicle and foot traffic. Their primary purpose is to provide strength and impact resistance to the property.

  • Custom Manufactured Bollardss


We are located in the Western Sydney Industrial Area of Wetherill Park and serve clients Australia-wide. For detailed information contact us or give a call at 02 9604 1414.

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