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If you are building or renovating a residential or commercial space complete your project with a custom or prefabricated staircase. Sullo Engineering brings a selection of modern staircase designs that are built to last and give your next project a contemporary edge.

Our experience in manufacturing and fabricating bespoke metal staircases designed to individual requirements in residential, industrial or commercial projects.

Cantilever / Floating Staircases

Cantilever staircases create a floating staircase effect that looks incredible in any space. Made from structural steel a cantilever staircase creates an architectural art form and becomes a feature in any room. Each staircase is custom designed to individual requirements in residential, industrial or commercial projects.

We work with builders and architects and ensure that all of our staircases are built to Australian Standards.

Single Stringer Staircases

Designed to create a spacious look single stringer staircases are an ideal choice.

Single stringer stairs have multiple configuration options such as straight-line, L-shaped, Scissor stairs or Geometric winder trends. The heavy duty center beam allows space and features to suit almost any space, installation and configuration.

Our experienced staff collaborates with architects and builders to manufacture designs for projects and individual requirements.

Double Stringer Staircases

Double stringer staircases are the one of the most desired staircase designs.

Double Stringer Staircases are a versatile design that creates a feature in its simplicity which is why it suits any residential, commercial or industrial space. The double support beam ensures the staircase has stability and retains its modern features and functionality.

No matter if you want to introduce a stylish staircase in your home or workplace, our steel staircase fabricators are ready to assist you in your next project.

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